Starters - The First Bite of Appetite

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Ever wondered why you are served starters before your main course meal?
What is the logic behind serving starters? From where did this trend start?


The three course meal was invented firstly back in 9th century Spain, when Persian polymath Ziryab no doubt infuriated the Emirati court in Cordoba by insisting meals be served as a soup, followed by a main dish, finishing with a sweet dessert.

However, from the 16th century, and until the 19th century, formal dinners in France, and later in the rest of Europe, were divided into several courses, each made up of several dishes. This way of serving guests is called service à la française, or French-style service. Guests could help themselves from the various dishes served in each course.


Currently we follow the same kind of tradition when it comes to three or Four course meal.

While your ordered meal is being prepared, you get some exotic cold & hot salads accompanied with pasta, noodles & also soups.

Scientific reason can be somewhere near to make your appetite boost so that you can enjoy your man course food more.

But main reason behind serving starters nowadays in any restaurant is not to make you wait for your food for longer time.

What is starter? What are the recipes served as starters?

A starter is a small quantity of food that is served as the first course of a meal. Starters are also known as Appetizers (mainly in British English).

Some of the most popular salad verities are like green salads (tossed or composed), bound, vegetable, fruit, and combination. The five basic salads that can be served throughout the course of a meal are starter, accompaniment, main course, intermezzo, and dessert. Once you have some starters in your tummy, It is said to be igniting the hunger more for your main course meal.

Starter recipes can be different from restaurant to restaurant, but mainly it can be anything near Chinese, Mexican & Indian recipes.

Some restaurants serve Mexican salads, nachos, tacos & even chips as starters while some of the restaurants in India include our own way of serving dishes of starters like, Paneer, Potato wedges, fries, momos & even spring rolls made out of multiple things.

Usually starters are accompanied by some sort of cold beverages like mojitos, aerated drinks and mock tails.

Indian Starters

We have our own style of serving Indian starters as well.

Indian starter’s food is popular for its rich, spicy, and hot flavor. Indian starters unlike others are more wholesome yet not too heavy, leaving the person to crave more. Indian cuisine represents a culture of unity in diversity, with flavours from different parts of the immensely diverse culture packed in delicious dishes that not only Indians like but masses from all around the globe as well.

Whenever starters are served, they are served in a specific portion of food so that you don’t over eat & mess up with your digestion after having your main course meal while some places prefer to keep the portion size up to their customer’s requirements.

Starters at Saffron BBQ Restaurant

Keeping aside the history & reasons to eat starters, you should try it at least once.

Have it while your main course is being prepared at Saffron & love the newly introduced starters at our place.

We at Saffron ensure to serve the fresh & juicy starters to our customers & make them our food love even more.

While you wait for your main course, you enjoy the yummy in our all the starter recipes.

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